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Arali / 小红花 / அரளி
Individually packed.
100g per bag.


Arali flowers, with their delicate petals and subtle fragrance, hold a special place in cultural and religious practices across India. Revered for their purity and auspiciousness, these blooms are not only offered in Hindu religious rituals to deities like Lord Ram and Goddess Durga but are also cherished for their multifaceted uses.

In Hindu traditions, Arali flowers play a significant role in religious ceremonies, symbolizing devotion and purity. They are prominently featured in rituals such as the recitation of the Ramayana during Lord Ram's worship and the Navratri festival dedicated to Goddess Durga. The act of offering Arali flowers is believed to invoke blessings and divine grace, emphasizing the spiritual significance attached to these blooms.

Beyond their religious symbolism, Arali flowers are valued for their cleansing properties, used in spiritual and energetic purification rituals in various cultures. Their gentle essence is thought to bring a sense of tranquility and renewal to spaces where they are present.

Moreover, Arali flowers transcend their spiritual roles and find appreciation in everyday life for their aesthetic appeal. Whether adorning homes in decorative arrangements or enhancing the ambiance of special events, these versatile blooms add a touch of natural beauty and elegance to any setting.

In essence, Arali flowers embody a blend of tradition, spirituality, and beauty, enriching both religious practices and secular occasions with their presence.