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Banana Jasmine Garland

Banana Jasmine Garland

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Banana Jasmine Garland / 香蕉链茉莉链 / மல்லி மாலை

S: 20cm
M: 40cm
L: 40cm

Please note that the photo is for reference only, and the colors of the roses may be substituted based on the availability of stocks.


Banana jasmine (Mogra) garlands are cherished for their use in Hindu and Buddhist worship, symbolizing purity and spirituality.

Sacred to the goddess Shakti, these fragrant flowers are offered to deities such as Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna, enhancing the spiritual experience of worshippers.

Crafted from fresh banana jasmine flowers, these garlands are integral to various Hindu ceremonies, including weddings and festivals.

In Buddhist traditions, they are offered as a sign of devotion and respect, symbolizing purity and inner peace.

Beyond religious practices, banana jasmine garlands can also be used to adorn homes, enhance special events, or add a touch of natural beauty and fragrance to any setting.