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Chinese Jasmine Garland (No Rose)

Chinese Jasmine Garland (No Rose)

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Chinese Jasmine Garland (Without Rose Head) / 华人茉莉花练 / சீன மாலை

S: 20 cm
M: 40 cm
F: 20 cm


Embrace the versatility and spiritual significance of jasmine garlands, cherished across cultures and religions for myriad occasions. In Hinduism, these fragrant adornments are commonly used to worship deities such as Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, and Goddess Lakshmi. In Buddhism, they may enhance meditation practices or serve as tokens of respect to the Buddha. Whether adorning altars during festivals, gracing homes, or symbolizing love and affection in various cultural contexts, jasmine garlands embody devotion, purity, and peace. Their sweet fragrance creates a serene atmosphere, ideal for prayer and meditation, while their presence symbolizes reverence and spiritual connection in traditional practices.