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Green Leaves Garland

Green Leaves Garland

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Green Leaves Garland / 青叶链 / வேப்பிலை மாலை
Neem Leaf Garland - Embrace tradition and spirituality with our handcrafted neem leaf garlands. Perfect for adorning temples, wearing during prayers, or as a sacred offering to deities. Available in lengths starting from half a foot, these garlands are imbued with the purifying and healing properties of neem leaves. Experience divine blessings with every strand.

Please note that the photo is for reference only, and the colors of the roses may be substituted based on the availability of stocks.


Neem leaf garlands are commonly used in Hindu religious and spiritual practices, especially in worship of the goddess Sitala and the monkey god, Hanuman. In Hindu mythology, it is believed that Sitala has the power to cure diseases and protect against illnesses, and neem leaves are considered to have purifying and medicinal properties. Neem leaf garlands are often offered to Sitala as a way to seek her blessings for good health and protection from diseases. In the worship of Hanuman, neem leaves are also offered as a symbol of devotion and to seek his protection and blessings. The garlands may also be used during other Hindu ceremonies and rituals, such as weddings and festivals. During the Tamil month of Aadi, which falls between mid-July and mid-August, neem leaves garlands are particularly popular. They are worn by women and children as a form of protection from diseases and illnesses. Overall, neem leaf garlands are seen as a symbol of purity, health, and protection in Hindu religious and spiritual practices.The neem leaves are believed to have purifying and healing properties and are therefore considered an auspicious offering.