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India Kolipu

India Kolipu

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India Kolipu / 印度万寿菊 / இந்தியா சாமந்தி பூ
Colour: Yellow
5kg per box


The Indian Chrysanthemum, also known as Samandi Poo in Tamil, is a popular flower used for religious and prayer purposes. It is commonly used in Hindu and Buddhist rituals as an offering to the deities or as a decoration in prayer rooms.

The Chrysanthemum flower is believed to symbolize positivity, joy, and happiness, making it a suitable offering to the divine. It is often used in puja (worship) rituals, and the petals of the flower are sometimes scattered on the altar or around the deity as a sign of respect and devotion. Overall, the Indian Chrysanthemum holds a significant place in the religious and cultural traditions of India, symbolizing positivity, joy, and spiritual devotion.