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India Paneer Rose

India Paneer Rose

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India Paneer Rose / பன்னீர் ரோஜா
Colour: Pink
Minimum 100g purchase


The Indian Fragrant Rose also known as Paneer rose is used in many religious and spiritual practices.

In Hinduism, the rose is considered to be a sacred flower and is often used in prayers and rituals as an offering to the deities.

During puja (worship) ceremonies, the petals of the Indian Fragrant Rose may be used to decorate the altar or deity, or they may be scattered on the floor to create a fragrant and beautiful atmosphere. Rose water, made by distilling rose petals, is also used to sprinkle on devotees as a sign of blessing during religious ceremonies.

In addition to its pleasing fragrance and beauty, the rose is also said to have spiritual and symbolic significance. It is often associated with the divine feminine and is seen as a symbol of love, purity, and devotion.