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Kolipu Garland

Kolipu Garland

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Kolipu Garland / 万寿菊链 / சாமந்தி மாலை

Please note that the photo is for reference only, and the colors of the roses may be substituted based on the availability of stocks.


Kolipu Garland is used for prayer and worship. The garland is believed to be a symbol of purity, beauty, and devotion and is offered to the deities as a form of reverence and respect.

During worship, Kolipu Garland is draped around the necks of statues and images of deities as a sign of devotion and to honor their divine presence. In Hinduism it is also used to adorn the puja room or altar where the worship is being conducted. The fragrance of the fresh flowers used in the garland is believed to create a peaceful and calming atmosphere, which helps to enhance the spiritual experience.

In addition to its use in worship, Kolipu Garland is also offered during cultural celebrations and festivals such as weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions. The garland is considered to be a traditional and auspicious gift and is often given to guests as a sign of respect and hospitality.

Overall, Kolipu Garland is an important symbol of devotion and respect and is used during prayer and worship to honor the divine presence of the deities. Its use helps to create a peaceful and uplifting atmosphere, enhancing the spiritual experience.