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Kumki Vagamalai 1FT

Kumki Vagamalai 1FT

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Kumki Vagamalai 1FT
Length: 1 Foot
Flowers: Kumki and India Red Rose


Kumki Vagamalai 1FT

  • Elevate ambiance: Our 1-foot Kumki Vagamalai floral garland is designed to enhance the ambiance of any space with its graceful beauty and cultural significance, creating a sense of serenity and reverence.
  • Honor traditions: Perfect for religious ceremonies, cultural celebrations, or auspicious occasions, this garland pays homage to traditional practices and adds a touch of authenticity to the atmosphere.
  • Spread joy: Whether used as a decorative accent or a ceremonial adornment, this garland serves as a symbol of joy, prosperity, and blessings, bringing positivity and warmth to every environment.