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Buddha Bamboo (Guan Yin Zhu 观音竹)

Buddha Bamboo (Guan Yin Zhu 观音竹)

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Buddha Bamboo (Guan Yin Zhu 观音竹)
3FT 80-90cm
4FT 110-120cm
Per bundle:
3FT - 20 pieces
4FT - 10 pieces


Buddha Bamboo (Guan Yin Zhu 观音竹) 
Guanyin Bamboo is a commonly seen plant, also known as "Dragon Bamboo" or "Buddha Belly Bamboo," cherished for its graceful and lifelike appearance. Guanyin Bamboo holds wide and profound symbolism in Chinese culture.

Firstly, Guanyin Bamboo symbolizes "good fortune and auspiciousness." With its tall and elegant stature and lush foliage, according to folk beliefs, wherever Guanyin Bamboo thrives, there will be vitality and prosperity. In traditional culture, Guanyin Bamboo is regarded as an auspicious object, representing a state of beauty and happiness in life. Therefore, people often place Guanyin Bamboo in offices or homes, hoping to attain better living and working conditions.