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Lime Garland

Lime Garland

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Lime Garland / 柠檬链 / எலுமிச்சை மாலை

Please note that the photo is for reference only, and the colors of the roses may be substituted based on the availability of stocks.


Lime Garland is a decorative garland made from fresh limes that is commonly used for prayer purposes in Hinduism. The garland is made by stringing together fresh limes using a thread or string, creating a beautiful and fragrant decoration.

In Hinduism, the offering of natural elements such as fruits, flowers, and leaves is a common practice during prayer and meditation. Lime Garland is often used as an offering to deities and is believed to represent purity, good luck, and prosperity. The garland is also believed to have a cleansing effect on the mind and body, helping to purify negative energies and promote positive thinking.

During religious ceremonies and rituals, Lime Garland is often used to decorate the space and create a sacred atmosphere. The garland may be hung from the ceiling or walls, draped around statues or altars, or used to adorn the entrance to a home or temple.

The vibrant green color and fresh citrus scent of Lime Garland make it a visually appealing and aromatic decoration. Lime Garland is believed to bring positive energy and purify the surrounding environment, creating a peaceful and uplifting atmosphere for prayer and meditation.

Overall, Lime Garland is a beautiful and culturally significant decoration that is commonly used for prayer purposes in Hinduism. The garland's bright color and fresh scent make it a visually appealing and aromatic addition to any religious ceremony or ritual.