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Orchid Purple

Orchid Purple

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Orchid Purple / 紫色胡姬花 / ஊதா ஆர்க்கிட்
Colour: Purple
Minimum 100g purchase


The purple orchid is often used in prayer and meditation as a symbol of spiritual power, strength, and inner peace. When using the purple orchid in prayer, you may focus on its symbolism and use it as a visual aid to connect with your inner self and with the divine.

One way to use the purple orchid in prayer is to hold it or gaze upon it while meditating. You may focus on the flower's color, texture, and fragrance, and allow yourself to become fully present in the moment. You may visualize the flower as a symbol of your own inner strength and resilience, and imagine it filling you with a sense of peace and calm.

In some traditions, it is also common to offer purple orchids as a form of devotional practice or as an expression of gratitude and reverence for the divine. You may offer a purple orchid as a way to honor a higher power or spiritual teacher, or as a symbol of your own spiritual growth and transformation.

Overall, the purple orchid can be a powerful tool for prayer and meditation, helping you to connect with your inner self, deepen your spiritual practice, and cultivate a sense of peace and harmony in your life.