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Rose Necklace

Rose Necklace

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Rose Necklace / 印度玫瑰链 / ரோஜா மாலை
Length: 30cm
Please note that the photo is for reference only, and the colors of the roses may be substituted based on the availability of stocks.


A rose garland is a captivating and symbolic creation made from fresh roses, delicately strung together to form a beautiful and fragrant garland. With its timeless beauty and alluring fragrance, a rose garland holds a significant place in various traditions and practices. Whether utilized in prayer or employed for other purposes, the rose garland carries profound symbolism and serves as a powerful symbol of love, devotion, and spiritual connection. Let us explore the purpose of a rose garland, both in the realm of prayer and its versatile uses beyond, as it adds a touch of elegance, reverence, and natural beauty to our lives.