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Thailand Rose

Thailand Rose

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Thailand Rose / 玫瑰 / தாய்லாந்து ரோஜா
(+-) 100 pieces/packet
Colour: Red


Immerse yourself in the sacred essence of Thailand roses, esteemed in spiritual and religious practices and revered for their versatile applications:

Offering and devotion: Symbolizing love and gratitude, roses are offered in devotion and appreciation to higher powers.

Healing and comfort: With their calming effect, roses promote emotional healing and comfort, making them ideal for spa treatments and relaxation practices.

Protection: Believed to ward off negative energies, roses offer protection and positive energy, enhancing well-being in spa environments.

Symbolism: Deeply symbolic, roses represent various spiritual concepts, adding elegance and meaning to culinary plating, bartender craft, and decoration using petals.

Beyond their spiritual significance, Thailand roses find their way into culinary arts as delicate additions to gourmet dishes, and as exquisite garnishes adorning cocktails crafted by skilled bartenders. Whether enhancing the flavors of a dish or elevating the presentation of a cocktail, Thailand roses bring beauty and sophistication to every creation.

At Lee Flower Supply, we honor the sacred tradition of Thailand roses, offering premium blooms for spiritual practices, spa treatments, culinary experiences, bartender craft, and decorative embellishments. Experience the transformative power of roses in every aspect of life with our exquisite selection.