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White & Yellow Chrysanthemum with India Sauvi Rose

White & Yellow Chrysanthemum with India Sauvi Rose

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Our stunning 6-foot flower garland features a harmonious blend of premium blooms:
White and Yellow Chrysanthemums
India Sauvi Roses (Pink)
Fresh Jasmine

Length: 6 feet (photo reference available)
Thickness: 8cm


Our meticulously crafted 6-foot flower garland serves as the quintessential embellishment, designed to elevate any setting with its exquisite beauty and fragrance. Whether adorning sacred spaces, enhancing ceremonial occasions, or adding a touch of elegance to celebrations, this garland embodies versatility and charm. Perfect for expressing love, reverence, and joy, it transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences, leaving a lasting impression on all who behold its beauty.