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Yellow Marigold Crown with Jasmine Garland and Marigold Head

Yellow Marigold Crown with Jasmine Garland and Marigold Head

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Yellow Marigold Crown: Handcrafted with vibrant marigold blossoms, this crown radiates beauty and cultural significance. It's a perfect choice for weddings, festivals, and cultural celebrations.

Jasmine Garland: The accompanying jasmine garland adds a fragrant touch and elegance to your adornment, infusing a harmonious blend of color and aroma.


Elevate your occasions with the exquisite combination of our Yellow Marigold Crown and delicate Jasmine Garland, designed to encompass both celebratory and religious purposes. Crafted to perfection, this ensemble embodies the essence of joy, purity, and cultural richness.

  • Religious and Cultural Celebrations: Elevate your traditional ceremonies, cultural festivities, and auspicious occasions with the vivid charm of our Yellow Marigold Crown and Jasmine Garland, symbolizing devotion, positivity, and joy.
  • Symbolism: The marigold crown symbolizes good fortune and spiritual purity, while the jasmine garland embodies positivity, creating a meaningful blend of cultural and religious significance.

Discover the perfect fusion of color, fragrance, and profound symbolism at Lee Flower Supply. Our Yellow Marigold Crown paired with Jasmine Garland is a delightful addition to your special moments, enriching them with the beauty of floral elegance and devotion.